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About The Oil Center Association

Our Mission Statement

Founded in 1994, the Oil Center Association operates as a non-profit 501(c)(6) organization. Our purpose is to bring together the business and professional community within what is known as Lafayette's Oil Center. With a vision focused on preserving and improving its current state, we are dedicated to fostering ongoing growth, preventing urban decay, and cultivating a positive image.

The Oil Center Association is a purpose-driven organization that aims to bring together the diverse business and professional community within Lafayette's renowned Oil Center. Our mission is firmly rooted in the commitment to preserving, enhancing, and ensuring the sustained prosperity of this vital hub. We envision a future where the Oil Center remains a vibrant and thriving area, avoiding the pitfalls of urban decay, and presenting a positive and appealing image to all.

As an association, our primary objective is to foster unity among the various stakeholders, including businesses, professionals, and local residents, to collectively work towards the betterment of the Oil Center. By promoting collaboration and cooperation, we strive to create an environment that fosters growth and development while maintaining the unique identity and heritage of the area.

Our efforts are geared towards implementing strategies that promote economic stability, attract new investments, and support the growth of existing enterprises. We are committed to providing a platform for networking, knowledge-sharing, and capacity-building to empower businesses and professionals to thrive in an ever-changing market.

Additionally, the Oil Center Association takes a proactive approach to tackle issues related to urban decay, ensuring that our neighborhood remains attractive and safe for everyone. Through community engagement and collaboration with local authorities, we endeavor to enhance public spaces, ensure adequate infrastructure, and promote sustainable development practices.

Beyond our practical endeavors, the Oil Center Association actively works to cultivate a positive image for the area. By organizing community events, advocating for responsible business practices, and supporting charitable initiatives, we seek to build a reputation that fosters pride among residents and garners recognition beyond the local community.

In essence, the Oil Center Association stands as a dedicated and passionate advocate for the sustained growth and development of Lafayette's Oil Center. Together, we embrace the challenges and opportunities, united in our mission to ensure a vibrant and thriving future for this exceptional district.

Our Board Members


Kirk Taylor,

Community Manager

OCA Board Members.png


Christian Williford


OCA Board Members (18).png


Holly Cure


OCA Board Members (5).png

Board Member

Cliff Roy Jr


OCA Board Members (6).png

Board Member

Carol Trosclair


OCA Board Members (7).png

Carol Trosclair, Inc.

Board Member

Kristin Bodin


OCA Board Members (16).png

Board Member

Mary Hays


Wedding Table (4).png

Board Member

Kendra Deville

General Manager

OCA Board Members (11).png

Past President

Chris Rader


OCA Board Members (1).png


Robert Dominic

Branch Manager

OCA Board Members (4).png

Board Member

Mark Barton

Operations Engineer

OCA Board Members (17).png

Board Member

George Holland

Director of Advisor Services

OCA Board Members (9).png

Board Member

Denise Lanclos

Community Leader

OCA Board Members (8).png

Board Member

Shelly Judice

Commercial Relationship Banker

OCA Board Members (15).png

Board Member

Marie Lukaszeski


OCA Board Members (13).png

Ochsners Lafayette General

Board Member

Dana Baker

Executive Director

OCA Board Members (12).png

Board Member

Lauren Sibley Brasseaux

Artist & Owner

OCA Board Members (10).png
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